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Rock and Roll meets the Amish in Lancaster County, PA

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Rock and Roll meets the Amish in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. What???

Did you ever wonder how an act like U2 or the Red Hot Chili Peppers set up their stage, program their lighting and assemble a sound system for their upcoming tour? In the small town of Lititz Pennsylvania, cutting edge lighting, sound and production companies can be found serving the needs of these famous touring bands. These companies come together at a place called Rock Lititz. The 100 foot high Rock Lititz Studio is the first purpose-built rehearsal facility for the entertainment industry and is the space where these sets take shape and are fine tuned. The band's "roadies" come into town for as long as a month to make preparations for the upcoming tour.

During the summer months, Lancaster County also attracts 8 million visitors to its area, including various Amish attractions. 

Sounds like a unique hotel is needed to house a variety of different types of guests. SoL Harris/Day has been working with a development group out of eastern Pennsylvania to turn this vision into reality. This 139 room hotel will have a full service restaurant, bar and a rooftop entertainment deck for those hosting a rehearsal dinner or private party. Two large secure suites are planned for the top floor for entertainers or private parties.

Construction is slated to begin in the Spring or Summer of 2017 (

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